Welcome to  Poms in the Glen, my name is Kristina Gautreau. We are a small kennel located just outside Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada. My husband and I live with our seven pomeranians and one cat on 13 acres, giving our boys and girls plenty of room to run around.

We got our first Pomeranian in 2002 after finding out that human children would not be part of our future. So we decided on fur children. After seeing  my cousin with her Pomeranian I knew I wanted one just like him. I loved his big dog attitude in a small package. Savannah was our first pom and like the saying goes we found that pomeranians are like potato chips, you can’t have just one, and so we soon added Vixen, Rollie, Jake, Belle and Sam to our family. More recently Willow and Gabby have joined us as well. While some of them just love to sit on your lap and cuddle, others in the family have a more active personality and so we decided to try the sport of dog agility. It didn’t take long before both the dogs and I were hooked. Jake now has several titles and Rollie has many titles and has competed in the National competitions earning 11th in his division in Canada. Sam has earned several titles as well and is getting better all the time.
All of our pomeranians are part of our family and live with us in our home. We welcome visitors anytime and if your are considering adding a pomeranian to your family we encourage you to visit us to see our dogs and learn a little more about this special breed.