We began raw feeding when Sam came into our lives. When we first got Sam he absolutely refused to eat anything no matter what kind of kibble or wet food we put in front of him. In fact we actually almost lost him a couple of times due to hypoglycemia, a condition small puppies are susceptible to for about the first four months of their life. My cousin who breeds shelties was feeding raw food at the time and I knew of several other breeder friends who were doing this as well but it just seemed overwhelming to me at the time.  She encouraged me to try the raw food to see if it would make a difference. When Sam was presented with this food he loved it and we haven’t looked back since. Not only do the dogs love the food but they seem much healthier as well. We now try to raise our dogs as naturally as possible using natural products to care for our dogs whenever we can. Below are some links for more information on raw feeding as well as a link to my cousin’s website who not only breeds shelties but also sells the raw food already prepared so all you have to do is put it in the dog’s bowl! I have also recently found another company that makes and distributes a long list of raw foods. They are located in Nova Scotia but have delivery to many locations in the maritimes. I have added  this link below.


This is by no means an exhaustive list but only meant to introduce you to raw feeding. If you would like more information on this subject or anything else on this site please contact us.